Unconscious Bias & Microaggressions: A Deep Dive

Transcript of this video is available on the InChorus website

 In this enlightening video, Raj, co-founder of InChorus, expertly navigates the intricate landscape of unconscious bias and microaggressions. Often unconsciously, bias affects our actions, leading to subtle yet potent acts of discrimination called microaggressions.

By utilising compelling real-world examples, Raj unravels the profound impact of microaggressions in various facets of life, from daily interactions to the job application process. The video also illustrates the cumulative effects of these subtle non-inclusive behaviours, likening them to the discomfort of repeated paper cuts.

Most importantly, this video underlines the significance of fostering a safe and inclusive workplace environment, where individuals are encouraged and empowered to voice their concerns about microaggressions. Raj introduces how his platform, InChorus, facilitates this by providing a secure and anonymous mechanism for reporting incidents.

Through this video, you will gain valuable insights and tools to promote a more inclusive and understanding work culture. Watch, learn, and let’s together take a step towards an equitable work environment.

Unconscious Bias & Microaggressions: A Deep Dive - Mildon