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From our invitation-only executive forum to our free-to-join WhatsApp group, we connect HR and EDI professionals across the UK (and beyond!) to promote learning, collaboration and growth.

Attend our executive forums

Sharing thoughts and ideas with other senior executives is a great way to enhance your EDI journey and keep your organisation moving in the right direction. That’s why we’ve created an executive forum designed for Heads of HR, EDI managers and C-suite leaders.

This is an ideal opportunity for senior professionals to get together in a more informal yet safe setting to have open and brave conversations about inclusion and think more deeply about organisational culture.

Anyone in a senior role can apply to join the forum – and attendance is always absolutely free!

Why is a support network so important for EDI?

Get insight from the experts

You are more likely to implement innovative ideas when you listen to inclusion experts discuss their professional and lived experience of EDI challenges and opportunities

Grow your professional network

You are more likely to achieve success with your inclusion strategies when you have a deep contact network of EDI professionals and your peers on a similar journey

Collaborate with other industries

You are more likely to understand the real power of inclusive growth when you engage in cross-functional discussions with team members from different sectors

Benefit from best practice

You are more likely to promote inclusive growth in your workplace when you learn from other people and have access to proven strategies to speed up your progress

Join our WhatsApp Group

If you’re not eligible for our executive forum – no sweat!
Our private WhatsApp group is a great way for everyone to share ideas on all aspects of inclusion.