About us

Mildon is an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) consultancy that helps organisations build more inclusive cultures. Quite simply, you won’t find anyone more passionate about inclusion!

An EDI Consultancy

Mildon is an EDI consultancy that helps organisations build more inclusive cultures.

We’re here to stop the box-ticking, window-dressing, lip-service diversity initiatives and help you affect meaningful change that actually makes a positive impact in your industry. You won’t find anyone more passionate about inclusion.

Evidence shows that championing equality allows organisations to thrive – so that’s exactly what we’re going to help you do.

Our values

To ‘walk the talk’ by being a GREAT team that supports individuals to bring as much of their authentic selves to work as they wish.


Growing and learning


Staying accountable while doing the right thing


Collaborating in an empathetic way


Being direct and trustworthy


Celebrating inclusion, impact and uniqueness

Our mission

To empower organisations to create thriving, inclusive workplaces where everyone is able to excel no matter what.

Our partners

Building your inclusion strategy with Mildon is just the start of your journey – and there are many more ways to promote EDI in your workplace.

That’s why we have a reliable network of partners – covering digital accessibility, neurodiversity and more – who can help you progress even further.

Our Team

Mildon is made up of friendly, knowledgeable inclusion experts driven by their own professional and lived experiences. Many of our team have dealt with inequality in our careers and personal lives – building an understanding of just how powerful inclusion can be along the way.

Photo of Toby Mildon

Toby Mildon

Diversity and Inclusion Architect

Toby is an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Architect and the Founder of Mildon. Having previously worked at the BBC, Deloitte and Accenture, Toby has since delivered hugely successful programmes for Sony, HarperCollins, Centrica, Mitchells & Butlers and the NHS, as well as writing ‘Inclusive Growth’, an Amazon bestseller.

With both professional and lived experience, Toby’s mission is to shape diverse and inclusive workplace environments where everyone feels welcome, empowered, and given the opportunity to thrive. Toby doesn’t just consult; he partners with organisations to create bespoke strategies that go beyond superficial initiatives. Toby truly believes in the transformative power of inclusivity to drive innovations, attract the best talent, boost employee engagement and elevate overall business performance.

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Photo of Brooklyn Norton

Brooklyn Norton


Brooklyn is an EDI Consultant and coach, specialising in gender equality and has a keen interest in EDI within the charitable sector. With a decades’ charity experience and cultural competency gained from working in South Africa, Nepal and Thailand, Brooklyn’s journey began with a simple yet profound belief: a diverse and inclusive workplace isn’t just a goal, it’s a strategic imperative.

Brooklyn understands that diversity and inclusion are not one-size-fits-all concepts, therefore her approach is tailored to each organisation’s unique culture and challenges. Whether it’s conducting comprehensive diversity training, facilitating open and honest conversations as a qualified coach, or advising on inclusive policies, Brooklyn ensures that every step taken is a step toward a more equitable and harmonious workplace.

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Photo of Luis

Luis Canto E Castro


Luis is an EDI Consultant and a true catalyst for change. With lived experience of a physical disability, Luis is dedicated to creating workplaces that respect individuality and foster genuine inclusivity. Luis grew up and worked in South Africa, giving him extensive knowledge of how varied work can be in different countries, and how nationality and a disability can impact opportunities. 

What sets Luis apart is his unwavering passion for the work he does, both inside and outside of work; he also sits as the Community Services Lead at SMA UK. Luis’s passion for EDI is contagious which is why his workshops leave a lasting impact on participants, fostering a culture of openness and understanding.

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Photo of Giverny Harman

Giverny Harman

Marketing and Events Specialist

Giverny is a Marketing and Events Specialist who has worked with a variety of workplace consultants, change managers and EDI experts. Giverny is a creative individual with a flair for making the alphabet dance across the page, specialising in copywriting, social media, marketing strategies and event planning.

Giverny chooses what’s right over what’s easy, and has a deeply held belief that EDI is essential for a thriving and equitable society. Giverny thrives on seeing the positive ripple effect of EDI work – enabling individuals to feel seen, heard, and valued for who they are.

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Our clients

We work with a wide range of clients – from massive organisations with tens of thousands of employees (like the BBC, Amazon and Deloitte!) to small startups with just a few staff.

No matter your company size, sector or situation, we can help you build a more diverse workplace and boost business performance. After all, creating a winning culture should be for everyone!

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