Future-proof your business by creating a diverse workplace

The inclusive growth strategy

Inclusive growth does more than just sound good. It results in: Thriving and engaged employees and reduced attrition; Greater innovation with improved decision-making and problem solving; Being seen as an employer of choice in your sector and attracting new talent; Improved business reputation; Greater financial success.

The inclusive growth strategy
At the centre of every industry is an organisation that is renowned as a great place to work. You probably know these organisations because they:

  • easily attract talent.
  • are able to retain their people and keep them happy.
  • innovate at a high pace.
  • reach new markets and engage with their customers.
  • are publicly recognised as a great place to work.

These positives all stem from inclusive growth. To achieve inclusive growth you need to deploy these 7 best practices

Begin by reading the book

Inclusive Growth provides a practical framework that enables you to deliver a sustainable, diverse and inclusive workplace which allows your organisation to grow. You will understand how to:

  • Strategically align diversity and inclusion to organisational growth
  • Change the culture and motivate senior leaders to ‘walk the talk’ for inclusivity
  • Design and implement a sustainable inclusivity infrastructure
  • Work as a whole organisation rather than in HR isolation
  • Celebrate your inclusivity to become an employer of choice in your industry

Begin by reading the book

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Inclusivity: you only find out what you need to know by asking people about the problem
3 min read

An example of using D4D internally is a recent office move. To align with D4D principles, the first step was to understand the needs of employees for their office space. Diversity and inclusion considerations arising from D4D was the need for gender-neutral toilets. ‘Understanding that it matters to employees is critical.’

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The discipline of project management ensures the successful implementation of organisational diversity and inclusion.’ — Loraine Martins, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Network Rail
2 min read

To achieve cultural change, involve everyone, from the CEO to operational staff. People engage with the change agenda at various levels of the organisation, but all have a role. Loraine describes diversity and inclusion as being the conductor of an orchestra. Employees may play different instruments, but everyone is reading the same score.

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Value through Vulnerability Podcast Interview
1 min read

I absolutely loved this conversation with Inclusion Architect and export Toby Mildon. In what was a hopeful, constructive and forward-looking conversation, we touched on inclusion, belonging, awareness, culture, leadership and so much more.

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