Future proof your business by creating a diverse workplace you can be proud of

Overview of our inclusive growth system

Inclusive growth does more than just sound good. It results in: Thriving and engaged employees and reduced attrition; Greater innovation with improved decision-making and problem solving; Being seen as an employer of choice in your sector and attracting new talent; Improved business reputation; Greater financial success.

Overview of our inclusive growth system
At the centre of every industry is an organisation that is renowned as a great place to work. You probably know these organisations because they:

  • easily attract talent.
  • are able to retain their people and keep them happy.
  • innovate at a high pace.
  • reach new markets and engage with their customers.
  • are publicly recognised as a great place to work.

These positives all stem from inclusive growth. To achieve inclusive growth you need to deploy these 7 best practices

THE 7 C's Explained

At the centre of every industry is an organisation that is renowned as a great place to work.


Clarity: is all about understanding why diversity and inclusion are important to the organisation, what kind of language to use so that they gain traction, how leadership will take responsibility for and ownership of building an inclusive culture.


Culture: is all about understanding the importance of culture over tactics and how businesses can define and create their inclusive culture.


Change: is all about treating diversity and inclusion like any other important change programme within the business. It’s about how businesses can effectively implement change.

Colleague Experience & Design

Colleague Experience & Design: it’s all about taking design thinking and user-centred design to re-engineer systems and processes to be more inclusive. This is the core of the model and really does help businesses “hardwire” inclusion into their organisation.


Cyber: is all about leveraging the power of technology, for example, artificial intelligence to create inclusive recruitment processes. Or even something as simple as an anonymous Survey Monkey survey to understand the obstacles and speed humps your employees often face in their day-to-day work that affects their sense of belonging.


Collaboration: is all about working with others in the industry from strategic partners to customers in order to create inclusive businesses. It recognises that organisations should not implement inclusion strategies by themselves or be inward looking.


Celebration: is all about communicating inclusion successes and best practices across the industry, demonstrating how inclusive workplaces are to the public and prospective employees and promoting the employer brand.

Begin the journey with a strategy workshop

Get started with an inspiring inclusive growth strategy workshop. Click on the boxes below to learn more. Contact us if you are interested in organising a workshop for your organisation.


In addition to our core Inclusive Growth Accelerator, there are a number of other ways we can empower your business

Learning and Development

We can create bespoke learning and development solutions for your organisation. This can be delivered on-site in lectures or workshops or remotely using webinars.


We are thought leaders on diversity and inclusion and speak regularly for businesses and conferences.

Data analysis and insights

Analysing your data and generating insights is really important to defining your diversity and inclusion activities in order to make an impact that matters.

Research and Design

Become your own thought leader on diversity and inclusion We research a diversity and inclusion topic and produce an asset (I.e. a white paper or sales brochure) that you can use to position yourself as an expert on diversity and inclusion or as a thought leader


You can engage us to work on a specific challenge regarding diversity and inclusion that you’re facing.

Executive coaching

As your coach, we work with you on a regular basis to achieve your personal and professional goals in diversity and inclusion.


Our tried and tested solutions can be deployed in your organisation quickly and easily

Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious Biases are stories that we make up about people before we really get to know them. In this workshop you will understand how biases impact your decision making and what you can do to create a work environment where everybody can thrive (and if people thrive, the business grows).

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"Diversity Includes Everyone" workshop

Diversity includes everybody and it's everybody's business We need to stop putting people in boxes and recognise that individuals identify with multiple identities. Diverse teams improve performance, however, we need to focus on inclusion as well. Our day to day behaviours create a culture of inclusion By increasing our awareness of some core behavioural concepts like unconscious bias, privilege and microaggressions we can take small steps to being more inclusive which has a significant impact in the workplace.

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Disability Confident

We believe that organisations are sitting on top of a mountain of untapped value, however, they often miss it. Businesses already employ people with disabilities and long-term health conditions, however, due to a number of reasons these individuals lack confidence in disclosing their conditions. If only organisations knew more about the make-up of their workforce they would be better prepared to support their people and enable them to flourish. 16% of working age adults in the UK have a disability, however, underemployment is rife. There is a whole pool of untapped talent that organisations are failing to tap into. If businesses create cultures of respect and inclusion and are open to diverse talent and lived experiences they will benefit from such things as increased innovation, better problem-solving, employee engagement and customer attraction.

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