Diversity and Inclusion

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The Framework

Inclusive growth does more than just sound good. It results in: Thriving and engaged employees and reduced attrition; Greater innovation with improved decision-making and problem solving; Being seen as an employer of choice in your sector and attracting new talent; Improved business reputation; Greater financial success.

The Framework
At the centre of every industry is an organisation that is renowned as a great place to work. You probably know these organisations because they:

  • easily attract talent.
  • are able to retain their people and keep them happy.
  • innovate at a high pace.
  • reach new markets and engage with their customers.
  • are publicly recognised as a great place to work.

These positives all stem from inclusive growth. To achieve inclusive growth you need to deploy these 7 best practices

Discover Your Inclusive Growth Score

The Inclusive Growth Scorecard benchmarks your ability to leverage Diversity and Inclusion to grow your business.

Inclusive Growth Book

Future-proof your business by creating a diverse workplace

Inclusive Growth Book

Inclusive Growth provides a practical framework that enables you to deliver a sustainable, diverse and inclusive workplace which allows your organisation to grow. You will understand how to:

  • Strategically align diversity and inclusion to organisational growth
  • Change the culture and motivate senior leaders to ‘walk the talk’ for inclusivity
  • Design and implement a sustainable inclusivity infrastructure
  • Work as a whole organisation rather than in HR isolation
  • Celebrate your inclusivity to become an employer of choice in your industry

This is how you future-proof your business. If you care about the drivers of growth, innovation, and creativity in your organization you MUST read this book, the latest from D&I expert, thought leader, and impact generator Toby Mildon. I first started working with Toby in advance of teaching my grad course on Organizational Behavior at Hult International Business School. Toby gave one of the most inspiring guest lectures I have ever witnessed. He took a massively complex concept - diversity & inclusion - and made it clear, accessible and actionable, sharing a number of his proven frameworks and tools.  I knew then we were all experiencing something extraordinary which is how all his clients must feel.  The book is packed with Toby's wisdom, tools, insights and a laser focus on how to truly harness inclusivity for growth. It should be required reading for anyone in global business, serving on boards and leadership in every organization.