In addition to our core Inclusive Growth Accelerator, there are a number of other ways we can empower your business

Learning and Development

We can create bespoke learning and development solutions for your organisation. This can be delivered on-site in lectures or workshops or remotely using webinars.


We are thought leaders on diversity and inclusion and speak regularly for businesses and conferences.

Data analysis and insights

Analysing your data and generating insights is really important to defining your diversity and inclusion activities in order to make an impact that matters.

Research and Design

Become your own thought leader on diversity and inclusion We research a diversity and inclusion topic and produce an asset (I.e. a white paper or sales brochure) that you can use to position yourself as an expert on diversity and inclusion or as a thought leader


You can engage us to work on a specific challenge regarding diversity and inclusion that you’re facing.

Executive coaching

As your coach, we work with you on a regular basis to achieve your personal and professional goals in diversity and inclusion.