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Work with qualified, experienced coaches who have helped staff and senior leaders set the tone for good growth and feel confident in their effectiveness when talking about diversity and driving change.

Inclusion Ignition

This 2-hour session is the first step to understanding your unique business case for inclusivity and building an environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered.

We’ll discuss the value of EDI in the context of your workplace – following a four-point plan to customise your strategy, mature your inclusion journey, mobilise senior leaders and implement effective change.

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Diversity Includes Everyone

This workshop educates employees on what EDI really is and how it helps an organisation bring its values to life – as well as three behaviours that create a more inclusive workplace.

We cut through the confusion around common terms so everyone can feel more comfortable in their role and unleash their teams’ potential. You’ll even leave with a simple inclusion action plan!

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Disability: Everything You Want To Know But Are Too Afraid To Ask

In this workshop, we’ll explore how employers can attract, recruit, retain and develop disabled people.

You’ll discover the ‘golden question’ every manager should be asking team members to be more inclusive and remove any barriers preventing disabled colleagues from thriving in their roles. Our presenters also share their lived experience of living and working with a disability.

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Help: I am scared of saying the wrong thing workshop

We’ve all felt the nerves that come with the fear of misspeaking. Whether it’s the worry of not connecting personally, the fear of unintentional offence, concerns about cancel culture, grappling with imposter syndrome, the fear of making mistakes, dealing with unconscious biases, or the pressure to have all the answers. Improving takes time; consider this workshop as your friendly guide!

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Through our training services, we can help your business create a positive culture that improves productivity and performance. If you have a specific challenge that needs a tailored solution, we’ll work with your HR teams, senior leadership and staff to put a training programme in place and help you influence real, systemic change.

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