Coaching & Mentoring

Work with qualified, experienced coaches who have helped staff and senior leaders set the tone for good growth and feel confident in their effectiveness when talking about diversity and driving change.

Coaching for executives

Executives are expected to drive diverse cultures, even if they’re not completely comfortable with EDI and the appropriate strategies to influence positive change.

At Mildon, we support managers in a creative coaching environment to gain clarity on leadership, engagement and culture – bringing all aspects together to foster a more inclusive workplace.

Coaching for EDI and ERG leaders

Senior staff have an important role to play when it comes to inclusion – but can often feel like they lack the knowledge, awareness or support needed to make an impact.

We work closely with EDI and ERG leaders, coaching them on the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion and how they can commit to behaviours that build more sustainable cultures.

Coaching could be for Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders on running effective groups or EDI leaders on how to be allies within the workplace. Coaching benefits everyone!

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Accredited by The GC Index

The Game Changer (GC) Index is an organimetric tool focused on the impact people can have in a role, team and organisation – providing a transformative lens for EDI initiatives.

By appraising individuals’ capacity to impact in unique ways – as strategists, game changers, implementers, polishers or playmakers – it allows organisations to value diversity of thought and action.

When it comes to your good growth, the Mildon team are certified ‘GCologists’ – coaches who have completed The GC Index’s accreditation and have the tools and techniques required to drive positive change in your workplace.

Read more about us on the GC Index website

Qualified in Talogy Perspectives

Talogy Perspectives is an online questionnaire that identifies correct inclusive leadership behaviours to determine if people can work fairly and respectfully while engaging with others.

By working with Mildon, you can leverage the Talogy Perspectives assessment to measure the inclusive behaviours that underpin someone’s cultural capability and better develop cultural inclusivity.

Visit the Talogy website to find out more

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