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Through our range of products and services, we support the design of your inclusion strategy to influence positive change in your workplace for the long-term.

Your roadmap for creating an inclusive business

Cultivating an environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered takes time. It’s a long-term process, with plenty of checkpoints along the way. That’s why we offer a tried-and-tested approach to guide you, share insight and give you the best chance of driving success through meaningful diversity and inclusion actions.

Consultancy & strategy

Receive expert guidance tailored to your organisation as our team gets under the hood of your inclusion policies and practices to create a clear, unique roadmap for good growth.

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Coaching & mentoring

Work with qualified coaches who have helped staff and senior leaders set the tone for good growth and feel confident in their effectiveness when talking about diversity and driving change.

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Workshops & training

Participate in our tried-and-tested programmes or have us create tailored workshops and training courses built around your specific learning requirements and inclusion aspirations.

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Speaking & events

Book Mildon to speak to your audience and collaborate with your teams when you need insights into inclusion, a conference keynote speaker or an EDI expert for a webinar or podcast.

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Take your 5-minute diversity assessment

Assess your performance

By completing our maturity model, you’ll see how your workplace stacks up against the key metrics of Mildon’s Inclusive Growth Framework and instantly receive a detailed report indicating if you’re a bronze, silver or gold employer.

It only takes a few minutes to complete – and you’ll get a scorecard marking you out of 100 that shows you which aspects of EDI you need to focus on (and which gaps you can plug!) to create a culture of inclusive growth, build a more diverse workplace and boost business performance.

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If you’re committed to building a thriving workplace where top talent wants to work, having a friendly exploratory chat with our team is the perfect place to start.

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