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Your Journey To a More Inclusive Business Starts Here…

Learn The Formula For Creating a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace - Even If You Need a D&I Strategy For The First Time

Cultivating an environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered takes time. It’s a long-term process, with plenty of checkpoints along the way. That’s why Toby Mildon (that’s me!) is here to guide you, share insight and give you the best chance of driving success through meaningful diversity and inclusion actions.

Toby Mildon

This Is Your Roadmap For Creating An Inclusive Business...

Hi, Toby Mildon here – and I suppose the first thing I’d like to say is ‘congratulations!’ If you’re reading this, chances are you’re thinking about doing more in your workplace around diversity and inclusion. That’s a huge milestone. Well done!

Truth is, whether you’ve been advocating for D&I for years – or you’ve only recently started getting serious about it, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how you can take that first step to actually delivering change in your organisation.

That’s why I’m sharing some information and giving you a clearer picture of what your path to building a more inclusive company will look like – and how you can use my accelerators, training, consulting and community to design your strategy.


Welcome to the Start of Your Diversity & Inclusion Journey!

No matter if you’ve been dealing with a lack of data, senior leaders not walking the talk, window dressing, wider cultural issues or something else – this is your opportunity to finally (and genuinely!) influence positive change in your workplace for the long-term.

By following THESE steps, you can enable your business to thrive…

Step 0 - Learn

By listening to my podcast, ‘The Inclusive Growth Show’, reading my Amazon bestselling book, ‘Inclusive Growth’, and digesting a whole load of free videos, articles and thought leadership pieces, you can dive deeper into the concept of diversity and inclusion – and why I link it to the growth of your business.



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Step 1- Assess

Once you’ve understood who I am, what I do, and why it’s important, the next step is to apply it to your workplace.

By taking my Diversity Scorecard, you’ll learn how your business compares to the key metrics of my Inclusive Growth framework and receive a report indicating if you’re a ‘committed’, ‘progressive’, or ‘leading’ employer.

It only takes a few minutes to do – and you’ll get a mark out of 100 that shows you which aspects of D&I you need to focus on so that you can start closing some gaps.


Step 2 - Discover

Once you’ve digested the results of your Diversity Report, you can have a consultation with me to run through its findings.

This is a non-judgemental conversation focusing on the situation in your business right now and identifying some quick wins you can implement immediately to improve your score and become a better employer.

You’ll leave our conversation with a 90-day action plan and can ask me about anything related to diversity and inclusion. If you want to talk about us working together, we can arrange a second conversation.


Step 3 - Accelerate

If it makes sense, I can give you access to one of my programmes after our call. For businesses taking their first steps, I offer a Exec workshop designed to engage senior leaders and begin building the vision and business case for diversity.

For businesses who are ready to go all-in on inclusion, my flagship programme gets under the bonnet of your business and creates the climate for change. We analyse staff data, perform an audit and report back to management with a bespoke strategy and action plan.

You also learn strategies, tools and best practice in masterclasses and receive regular coaching and mentoring – all with access to a supportive peer group going through a similar journey.


Access Your Own Private, Diversity- Centric Professional Network

Even if you’re not ready to commit to one of my accelerators right now, you can still start your diversity and inclusion journey through our community. The Inclusive Business Growth Community is a place to find content, attend courses and connect with your peers – as well as pick my brains on the latest D&I tips and tricks.


So… Are You Ready To Create a Culture of Inclusive Growth, Build a More Diverse Workplace & Boost Business Performance?

If you want to get a clear plan of action for diversity and inclusion, have greater clarity around employee experiences and put the right strategies in place to improve retention, innovation, productivity, profitability and so much more – now’s the perfect time to do it!

Get in touch today and take the first step on your journey to a better business…


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