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Start Your Journey To a More Inclusive Culture With a Half-Day Workshop Led By a Leading Diversity & Inclusion Architect

If your organisation is looking to deliver a workplace that creates a positive culture, keeps staff happy and improves performance, the ‘Diversity Discovery Workshop’ from Toby Mildon is the perfect place to start.

This 4-hour session is the first piece of the puzzle when it comes to your commitment to building an environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered – and must be completed before joining the Inclusive Growth Culture Programme.


This Exploratory Workshop Is Your Gateway To a More Structured Strategy For Diversity & Inclusion

Here’s What We’ll Do…

Get senior leaders in the same room (online or in-person), on the same page and contributing to a meaningful conversation about diversity and inclusion.

Align your current diversity strategy (if you have one!) with long-term objectives and assess the most suitable approach for your organisation.

Create a step-by-step roadmap, unique to your business, that solidifies your commitment to real, measurable and lasting change when it comes to D&I.

Introduce the Inclusive Growth Culture Programme, a proven blueprint designed to deliver a sustainable, diverse and inclusive workplace.

Companies We’ve Worked With:

For Heads of HR In Tech Companies, Building a Culture of Inclusive Growth Can Sometimes Feel Like an Uphill Struggle...

Even if you’re 100% committed to creating a workplace where every employee belongs and can thrive, chances are you’re having to deal with several challenges and clear many hurdles in your efforts to succeed. You might feel as if…

Your leadership team is struggling to talk about diversity confidently.

They’re unsure on the right language to use, how to discuss matters like anti-racism and authentically plan for diversity and inclusion - so you get stuck in moving things forward.

You’re alone in trying to create a better environment.

Diversity and inclusion is seen as an HR problem and other departments don’t share responsibility. You get little support and are getting frustrated about driving change on your own.

You’re failing to influence real, lasting change.

Knee-jerk diversity activities that raise your profile externally aren’t impacting an internal culture change and employees feel that the organisation isn’t doing enough to make a difference.

You can’t clearly see the best way forward.

There isn’t a change management system in place and you’re in the dark about where to begin with D&I strategies. Previous approaches like events or training haven’t affected company culture.

With The Diversity Discovery Workshop, you can start to have great conversations about diversity and inclusion focused on clarity, leadership engagement and culture – as well as formulate a solid bedrock for a strategy going forward.


Meet Your Mentor Who Can Help You Create a Positive Culture Where Everybody Performs At Their Best

Hi! Toby Mildon here… And I can bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

How can I be so sure? Because I’ve worked with some of the UK’s largest companies – including BBC, Deloitte, Sony and HarperCollins – to deliver sustainable, diverse and inclusive workplaces that make a strong impact on business performance.

As you can probably tell, I’m incredibly passionate about inclusion (with professional and lived experience). And through my Inclusive Growth system, I help Heads of HR in tech companies improve employee engagement, retention and productivity.

For successful organisations, diversity and inclusion is about more than just ticking boxes or avoiding negative headlines. Together, we can create a workplace where everyone feels welcome and empowered.



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With The Diversity Discovery Workshop, You Can Take Your First Step On The Road To Fostering a Diverse & Inclusive Culture!

While the Inclusive Growth Culture Programme is our flagship, 90-day
programme based on a practical framework of establishing, evolving and
enhancing your D&I initiatives, this session should be seen as an
introductory project for your business.

By following a proven coaching model – setting goals, exploring realities,
creating opportunities and deciding ways forward – we engage senior
leaders and key stakeholders in a creative environment to deliver all of
THESE things…

An assessment of where your organisation is along the inclusive growth maturity model and where you want to get to within a set period of time.

An assessment of the risks and issues facing your organisation in the future if you neglect diversity and inclusion in the workplace - in order to mitigate serious issues.

More clarity on your ‘diversity dividend’ and superior business results that you would expect if you increase the inclusivity of your organisational culture.

An understanding of how you strategically align diversity and inclusion with your organisation’s vision, mission, strategic objectives and values.

A detailed walkthrough of the inclusive growth model applied to your organisation, thinking about the right mindset to implement strategic changes.

The formulation of a 3-year, high- level strategy looking at where you are now, where you want to be and the obstacles that could prevent you from getting there.

Walking through a five-step model that will help succinctly articulate your new diversity and inclusion strategy to your most influential stakeholders.

A personal to-do list in order to implement what you have learnt in the workshop and make more of a positive impact once you return to your workplace.

A copy of my bestselling book, Inclusive Growth, so you can learn more about the mindset, approach, strategies and frameworks of creating a sustainable culture.

Your organisation must complete the Diversity Discovery Workshop before being accepted onto our main programme, so it’s a great opportunity to get a feel for where your business is at with D&I and assess the best way to move forward.


Get a FREE Diversity Assessment of Your Business

In Just 15 Minutes, Get Unprecedented Insight Into Your Organisation’s Performance When It Comes To Diversity & Inclusion

By completing this FREE quiz, you can see how your workplace stacks up against my inclusive growth model and receive a detailed report indicating if you’re a ‘committed’, ‘progressive’ or ‘leading’ employer.

It only takes a few minutes to complete – and you’ll get a scorecard marking you out of 100 that shows you which aspects of D&I we should be discussing in your half-day Diversity Discovery Workshop.

Don’t worry about receiving a low score. The exercise is completely confidential and designed specifically to help you identify your bottlenecks and show you exactly how to solve them. There’s no judgement here!

Once you’ve completed the quiz, you can have a free consultation to discuss your results and identify a clear plan of action for your organisation.


Here’s What People Are Saying About Working With Us

It was the first session on diversity and inclusion that I’ve attended where I thought was really inclusive, helpful and non-judging of companies who are at different places but trying. I’ve found some of the other sessions I’ve been to overwhelming and leave you feeling like you’re failing as a company and can’t find a way forward. But the conversation [with Toby] was really helpful and insightful and I left knowing what I need to do to help my company think more strategically about diversity and inclusion.

Anonymous FinTech

Toby is a hugely inspiring and compelling speaker, fully informed at the forefront of diversity thought leadership…..and all delivered in an engaging and, at times, hilarious, style. Brilliant!

Nick Blackwell FCA
International Director – Emile Woolf International and Visiting Fellow – Henley Business School

We have partnered with Toby on several inclusion projects that support our aim to have the very best culture that all our employees can be proud of. Both his wisdom, practically and strategically, have been invaluable in helping us reach our goals. I would highly recommend Toby as a qualified practitioner in all subjects diversity inclusion and belonging.

John Athanasiou
HR Director, HarperCollins Publishing


So… Are You Ready To Create a Culture of Inclusive Growth, Build a More Diverse Workplace & Boost Business Performance?

If you want to get a clear plan of action for diversity and inclusion, have greater clarity around employee
experiences and put the right strategies in place to improve retention, innovation, productivity,
profitability and so much more – now’s the perfect time to do it!

Get in touch today and take the first step on your journey to a better business…


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