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Alongside our flagship programmes, we also offer a range of smaller, easy-to-book training sessions that help you make a more measurable impact in your workplace.

Whether you’re looking to get to grips with the basics of diversity and inclusion or interested in discussing more strategic approaches, there’s something for you here.


Beyond Talking - Making Diversity & Inclusion a Reality

This session is the first piece of the puzzle when it comes to building an environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered. Together, we’ll learn a framework to implement sustainable change – as well as share common challenges in delivering diversity and discover how to avoid them. This is about giving you some quick wins to plug your inclusion gaps and start making a positive impact right away.


Diversity Includes Everyone

This workshop educates employees on what D&I really is and how it helps an organisation bring its values to life – as well as three behaviours that can help create a more inclusive workplace. We cut through the confusion around common D&I terms so everyone can feel more comfortable in their role and start to unleash their teams’ potential. They’ll even leave with a simple inclusion action plan!


Disability: Everything You Want To Know But Are Too Afraid To Ask

In this workshop, we’ll discuss the business case for diversity and how employers can attract, recruit, retain and develop people with disabilities. Leveraging my professional and lived experience with disability in the workplace, you’ll discover the ‘golden question’ every manager should be asking team members to be more inclusive and remove any barriers preventing colleagues from thriving in their roles.


Unconscious Bias

Bias infiltrates boardrooms, business opportunities and the shop floor. This workshop gives you a broad understanding on different types of unconscious bias – as well as show you don’t need to feel ashamed of having them. Using a proven model, we’ll discuss practical actions attendees can take to mitigate or balance out unconscious bias within the workplace – all to build a more inclusive culture! You can access this training right now online (click on the button below) or this training can be delivered in person to your colleagues (face-to-face or Zoom).


So… Are You Ready To Create a Culture of Inclusive Growth, Build a More Diverse Workplace & Boost Business Performance?

If you want to get a clear plan of action for diversity and inclusion, have greater clarity around employee experiences and put the right strategies in place to improve retention, innovation, productivity, profitability and so much more – now’s the perfect time to do it!

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