Learn How To Drive Business Growth Through Inclusion In 2023

Inclusion in the workplace is increasingly important - but how does your organisation go about building a culture of thriving, engaged employees?

This report from equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) expert Toby Mildon teaches you the ‘Inclusive Growth Flywheel’ approach to help your organisation attract talent, boost retention, increase engagement and improve business performance through EDI.

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The Numbers Behind Inclusion

67% of people say a diverse workforce is a crucial factor when considering a job offer

Companies with greater inclusion can reduce labour turnover by 22%

Companies with diverse management report 19% higher revenue on average

Diversity of thought enables groups to identify risks and reduce them by up to 30%

Inclusion Can Be a Challenge, But It’s The Foundation For Building a Culture That Drives Performance

In today's world, it's hard to attract and retain talented employees. We know that EDI can play a huge part - but, as a HR or senior business leader, it can often feel overwhelming and difficult to implement the necessary inclusion changes in your organisation.

To create an environment where the best talent wants to join and remain working - as well as boost engagement and avoid a negative employer reputation - we need to look at business strategy and operations through the lens of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

This Report Was Written To Give You a Clear Roadmap Towards Implementing Measurable, Systemic Cultural Change

As a senior leader, EDI is one of the key levers to pull if you want to foster a great culture that’s respectful, engage other senior leaders and empower your people - but it’s easier said than done if you don’t have a clear understanding of how to make it happen.

Get the insight of Toby Mildon, one of the UK’s leading EDI architects, as he explains how your organisation can use a unique, tried-and-tested method to give everyone the opportunity to progress and deliver their best work while feeling a sense of belonging.

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You’ll Get The Answers To These Questions

(As Well As a Template To Plan For The Future!)

  • What are the potential outcomes and importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion in your company?
  • How will EDI help you hire and retain the best talent in your industry so that you can become an employer of choice?
  • What is ‘black hat’ and ‘yellow hat’ thinking and how can it help you better engage your senior leaders?
  • What is the meaning behind the term ‘inclusive growth’ and why is it a major factor in driving sustainable change?
  • What are the core concepts of the ‘Inclusive Growth’ framework so that you can follow best practice?
  • How can you implement the ‘Inclusive Growth Flywheel’ in your organisation to achieve predictable change?
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More About The Author, Toby Mildon

Hello, I'm Toby! For me, diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords. It has been my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve dealt with inequality in my own career and my personal life – building an understanding of just how powerful diversity and inclusion can be along the way.

Of course, I’m driven by my own experience and my belief that we all need to be respected, feel that we belong, empowered and able to progress in our respective organisations. But I’m also driven by the evidence that building a culture of inclusive growth can genuinely help organisations thrive.

In 2023, it’s more important than ever, given the challenges businesses are facing following the pandemic, cost of living crisis, rising business costs and inflation, war in Europe and a recession!

As for my own experience, I was born in rural Somerset and was soon diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disability – Spinal Muscular Atrophy – something that would shape my life forever.

I was desperate to enter the workforce like my friends but encountered my first instances of prejudice and bias as a disabled person. A local bank manager (shout out to Lloyds Bank!) saw my potential, though, and gave me the opportunity to work part-time for him. That was the start of a fruitful career path, working for prestigious companies like British Airways, Accenture and Cerner.

But everything changed when I started to work at the BBC. I got my first taste of professional diversity and inclusion, chairing BBC Ability (the corporation's disability network) and project managing our women in technology and engineering action plan. My experience at the BBC had given me an incredible opportunity to make diversity and inclusion my career. And, soon after, I had the chance to join Deloitte as a diversity and inclusion manager within the firm.

I knew that promoting diversity and inclusion in business was what I wanted to do for the rest of my career. So much so, that I set up ‘Mildon’, my own D&I consultancy. I even wrote my own book, ‘Inclusive Growth’, available on Amazon and as an audiobook!

This report is my latest opportunity to provide senior HR folk and business leaders with more knowledge, more insight and more of the tools they need to start their journey towards an inclusive workplace where everyone can be and do their best.

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Statistics show that focusing on equity, diversity and inclusion allows your business to thrive ethically and commercially. Get the information you need to help your workplace establish, evolve and enhance its EDI initiatives.

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