The 7 C's Explained

At the centre of every industry is an organisation that is renowned as a great place to work.


Clarity: is all about understanding why diversity and inclusion are important to the organisation, what kind of language to use so that they gain traction, how leadership will take responsibility for and ownership of building an inclusive culture.


Culture: is all about understanding the importance of culture over tactics and how businesses can define and create their inclusive culture.


Change: is all about treating diversity and inclusion like any other important change programme within the business. It’s about how businesses can effectively implement change.

Colleague Experience & Design

Colleague Experience & Design: it’s all about taking design thinking and user-centred design to re-engineer systems and processes to be more inclusive. This is the core of the model and really does help businesses “hardwire” inclusion into their organisation.


Cyber: is all about leveraging the power of technology, for example, artificial intelligence to create inclusive recruitment processes. Or even something as simple as an anonymous survey to understand the obstacles and speed humps your employees often face in their day-to-day work that affects their sense of belonging.


Collaboration: is all about working with others in the industry from strategic partners to customers in order to create inclusive businesses. It recognises that organisations should not implement inclusion strategies by themselves or be inward looking.


Celebration: is all about communicating inclusion successes and best practices across the industry, demonstrating how inclusive workplaces are to the public and prospective employees and promoting the employer brand.