Cognisess provides the world’s most comprehensive predictive people analytics software in a single, easy-to-use platform. Driven by a unique combination of data science, neuroscience, gamification, video analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it enables businesses to make better-informed, data-led human resource decisions.

By recognising real talent and enabling its potential over time, Cognisess predictive people analytics aims to help businesses transform people recruitment and performance measurement into a source of continuous competitive advantage.

The platform is home to more than 50 online assessments, measuring 150 human attributes across 8 key performance areas. It removes human bias, ‘gut feel’ and the historic nature of the traditional CV, and helps HR professionals to understand what ‘best’ is and how people are most likely going to behave in an unpredictable business environment.

As a complete, fair and unbiased predictive people analytics solution, the platform enables users to identify the real talent, to nurture it, and realise its true potential. It means businesses can avoid bad hires and reduce employee churn, save time and cost, improve diversity, increase the value of their talent pool, boost productivity and enhance organisational design.

The Cognisess platform also provides businesses with a global solution, assuring cultural neutrality in 10 different languages, covering half of the world’s working population and customisable to meet in-country norms and benchmarks.