The diversity dividend: from intention to impact

The diversity dividend: from intention to impact

At the centre of every industry is an organisation that is renowned as a great place to work. You probably know these organisations because they:

  • easily attract talent.
  • are able to retain their people and keep them happy.
  • innovate at a high pace.
  • reach new markets and engage with their customers.
  • are publicly recognised as a great place to work.

In this workshop designed you will:

  1. Learn about some of the most common challenges organisations face when trying to increase their diversity and create a more inclusive culture
  2. Learn about the most common missteps that organisations often take in becoming more inclusive and how you can avoid these mistakes yourself
  3. Learn about 7 best practices that enables your organisation to grow by leveraging the power of inclusion
  4. Hear about why diversity and inclusion is important for future proofing your organisation
  5. Gain clarity on  the opportunities available to your organisation today to grow inclusively
  6. Determine next steps for your organisation if you are serious about leveraging the power of inclusive growth.

Toby's talk is both informative and entertaining where he shares his own personal anecdotes of working with a disability in organisations ranging from Accenture to the BBC and his own personal experiences of diversity and inclusion.