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What is m.Club?
m.Club is a professional network of senior business leaders responsible for sponsoring and implementing diversity and inclusion within their organisation. It is a forum where you can access best practice, expert support from diversity and inclusion practitioners, a peer group to support you on the ups and downs of creating a more inclusive organisation.

Who can join m.Club?
m.Club is for HR Directors, Heads of D&I and senior diversity and inclusion sponsors, for example, if you are a CFO responsible for sponsoring diversity and inclusion in your organisation.

What is included in the club?
The club currently offers:

Inclusive Growth book
Quarterly meetings
  • Quarterly face-to-face meetings where we network, discuss a topical D&I matter and any issues you have regarding implementing diversity and inclusion. We invite expert guest speakers to these quarterly meetings

Monthly support and private access to WhatsApp support group
  • Monthly diversity and inclusion online meeting with Toby Mildon where we discuss diversity and inclusion issues facing your business and together with peer group support figure out some solutions for you
  • In between meetings you have access to our supportive WhatsApp group where you can reach out for support between meetings and share useful resources

Diversity and inclusion briefings
  • Biannual technical briefing on things like changes to legislation, key themes and trends and market analysis that impacts the delivery of diversity and inclusion that you need to be aware of

Diversity and inclusion strategy stress testing and executive coaching
  • An annual diversity and inclusion strategy "stress test" meeting to ensure that your strategy is on the right course and is making the desired impact for your organisation.
  • Receive up to 2 hours 1:1 executive coaching from Toby to use however you like. You could even gift this coaching to somebody else in your organisation like your CEO or up-and-coming talent in your department

Why do professionals join the m.Club network?
Our members join for the following reasons:
  • They have access to a very supportive peer group when the going gets tough implementing diversity and inclusion in their organisation
  • Members have access to strategies, systems and tools for implementing inclusive workplaces
  • Increasing your impact in delivering a diverse workplace because you have access to executive coaching, a network to help you solve issues quicker and a regular opportunity to stress test your diversity and inclusion strategy

Sounds great, how do I apply?
If you would like to apply to be a member of the club please email Toby Mildon to discuss.