STEP 3: Executive Briefing or Lunch & Learn

STEP 3: Executive Briefing or Lunch & Learn

Challenges senior leadership often face

  • Senior leaders are busy driving the organisation and dealing with the day-to-day pressures of delivering products and services. They oftentimes don't have time to think about best ways of delivering sustainable diversity and inclusion transformation.
  • Diversity and inclusion is such a vast topic that it's difficult to know where to find best practice and the tools to make an impact that matters.

What is included in the session?

Bronze option

Toby gives an interactive session (30-90 mins) for senior leaders covering:

  • Some of the most common challenges organisations face when trying to increase their diversity and create a more inclusive culture
  • The most common missteps that organisations often take in becoming more inclusive and how you can avoid these mistakes yourself
  • The 7 best practices that enables your organisation to grow by leveraging the power of inclusion
  • Why diversity and inclusion is important for future proofing your organisation
  • How you can apply the Inclusive Growth framework to your organisation and what your next steps could be

Silver option

Everything in the the bronze option plus 10 copies of Toby's book

Gold option

Everything in the silver option plus:

An executive coaching session with Toby for the person responsible for sponsoring or implementing diversity and inclusion transformation at your organisation. In this session you can discuss how you apply the inclusive growth framework to your organisation so you can hit the ground running.