Beyond the strategy workshop

After your strategy workshop we can help you make an impact that matters by implementing your strategy. This could include:

Done with you support (more cost effective)

  1. You can join our inclusive growth accelerator programme with a cohort of other organisations implementing their strategies. You have access to peer group support, best practice and templates, and supported by world class mentors.
  2. One -to-one or team coaching. We work with you as your coach so that you can make a big impact more quickly than doing it alone.

Done for you support (make an impact even if you don't have the resources currently to do so)

Some of our clients don't have the time or the resources to implement their diversity and inclusion strategy by themselves. They may be a lean team focused on operational matters and running the organisation. Or they may be facing a big transformation which is time consuming  and using up all their resources. We assemble a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts dedicated to working for your organisation. You are also given a dedicated project manager to make sure everything is delivered on time, to the quality standards we expect and within budget.