Getting started On your D&I journey is easy


Read, watch and listen

Begin by reading our book, read our articles and listen to our podcast. Get loads of useful information that you can immediately use on your diversity and inclusion journey within your organisation. All of this content is free to consume.


Calculate your inclusive growth culture score

Take our free self-assessment so that you can benchmark your organisation to determine your maturity in inclusive growth. Are you a committed, progressive or leading employer? Let's find out. This self-assessment is free and you get a useful report to share with your colleagues afterwards. This is a great way of influencing stakeholders and getting internal buy in.


Request your free consultation

If you like our approach to diversity and inclusion then you can request a complimentary discovery session with us. We will spend time understanding your organisation, where you are currently at, where you want to get to, what obstacles are in your way. We will then make suggestions to nudge you in the right direction. We will not sell to you in this session – it's a conversation so that we can get to know one another. If at the end of the strategy session you feel that we can help you in some way then we will schedule a follow-up conversation with you to explore opportunities further.


Engage your senior leaders

Senior leaders set the tone for the organisation. Consider running a boardroom session so that they understand how diversity and inclusion is of strategic importance to your organisation and enable them to "walk the talk" for inclusivity.

Discover your Inclusive Growth Culture Score

Check It Out Today!

Take the Inclusive Growth self-assessment so that you can identify whether you are a committed, progressive or leading employer on diversity and inclusion. You will receive a personalised report that you can share with your colleagues to build internal stakeholder buy in for your diversity and inclusion journey. The self-assessment takes about 15 minutes and covers each of the 7 pillars in our Inclusive Growth framework, which is a good structure for your diversity and inclusion plans going forwards.


In this 50 minute consultation with Toby Mildon you will go through your Inclusive Growth Culture Scorecard report in detail. We will spend time understanding what is going on in your organisation with regards to diversity and inclusion and what you want to achieve. Once Toby understands your business further he will explain one strategy that you can use to increase your Inclusive Growth score in your report.
At the end of your session you will be able to schedule a follow-up phone call if you want to discuss how Toby and his team can further help you on your diversity and inclusion journey.