Strategy Workshop

Strategy Workshop

This is a half day workshop in a creative environment that enables you to:

  • An assessment of where your organisation is along the inclusive growth maturity model and where you want to get to

  • An assessment of the risks and issues facing your organisation if you are not as inclusive as you would like to be

  • Clarity on the diversity dividend that you would expect if you increase the inclusivity of your organisational culture

  • How you strategically align diversity and inclusion with your organization's vision, mission, strategic imperatives and values

  • A detailed walkthrough of the inclusive growth model and applying it to your organisation. Thinking about the right mindset to implement strategic changes.

  • The formulation of a 3-year strategy looking at where you are now, where you ultimately want to be and the obstacles that could prevent you from getting there. Taking into consideration mitigating actions to overcome these obstacles.

  • Walking through a five step model that will help you succinctly articulate your new diversity and inclusion strategy to your most influential stakeholders. Creating a simple stakeholder plan in order to get them on your side.

  • As well as greater understanding of the inclusive growth model, the foundations of a solid diversity and inclusion strategy, with your robust stakeholder plan you will leave with a personal to-do list in order to implement what you have learnt in the workshop once you return to your workplace.