This is Mildon

This is Mildon

At Mildon we’re passionate about inclusive growth.

We empower HR directors of digital technology businesses to create inclusive workplaces that they can be proud of.

Businesses often fail to deliver on diversity because

  • It's not adequately resourced in terms of people and budget
  • It's lacking in senior level engagement and senior leaders don't ‘walk the talk’
  • Not enough attention is paid to the culture of the organisation
  • And initiatives try to fix individuals rather than fix the business structures holding people back

Our Inclusive Growth system provides a practical framework that enables you to deliver a sustainable, diverse and inclusive workplace which allows your organisation to grow. 

You will be able to:

  • Strategically align diversity and inclusion to organisational growth
  • Change the culture and motivate senior leaders to ‘walk the talk’ for inclusivity
  • Design and implement a sustainable inclusivity infrastructure
  • Work as a whole organisation rather than in HR isolation
  • Celebrate your inclusivity to become an employer of choice in your industry

So why should you build an inclusive business?

  • Innovation increases and you can reach new markets
  • Employee retention goes up
  • You attract great talent and are seen as an employer of choice
  • And you will become a more productive and profitable business